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A happy New Year to you as you take time to read through the first edition of our new look “SEC COMMUNICATOR.”  We have enlarged the content to cover not only Departmental reports, but also issues and comments relevant to our audience in the South England Conference.

In this edition on the cover page, we are delighted to celebrate the recognition of our Health Ministries Director, Dr Chidi Ngwaba, at a national level for his contribution to healthful living and the prevention of life style diseases.  The third-party endorsement of his work is a testament to his ministry that reaches out beyond the borders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to the wider society.  We want to congratulate Dr Chidi on the recognition of his ministry to all.

Critical in this issue are articles highlighting the significance of why we cannot ignore the issue of depression within our congregations in the South England Conference.  The authors seek to inform, educate and recommend an understanding of “depression” in these articles.  One may ask, could faith be a hindrance to our appreciation of the condition?  How do we relate to people who are coping with depression?  What about seeking help if one is battling with the condition?  Has our Conference made provision for helping people cope better with the condition?

Perhaps a broader understanding of the effects of depression can help foster a more caring attitude towards those in our midst coping with the condition.

As we continue to embark on Evangelism Everyone Everywhere, let us be reminded of intentionally seizing every opportunity that gives us cause to share our faith.  The Desmond Doss story in the film, “Hacksaw Ridge” by Mel Gibson which will be showing in cinemas across the UK from 27 January provides us with just such an opportunity to witness to those who may ask questions about who Seventh-day Adventists are and what they do.  Guest writer, Victor Hulbert has made some suggestions in one of the articles in this issue.

The SEC and BUC Personal Ministries Departments will also be making available some resource materials for those who will be interested. Please make contact at your earliest for your supplies and information.

Working In partnership with the TED/EUD Communication departments, the SEC Communication and Media Departments will be active as part of this year’s “GAiN Europe” conference at Newbold College, 23-26 March. Please refer to the Advert. We would like you to encourage your Communication Secretaries or a representation from your church to register for this all-important training conference. The theme is around the 500-year anniversary celebration of the Reformation. The SEC Communication Department will contribute a small amount toward the cost of registration to churches who will be sponsoring their representatives to this conference if they register by 15 January 2017.

The Next issue of the “SEC COMMUNICATOR” will be out at the end of April 2017.