A Word from The President Dec05


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A Word from The President

From the desk of the Acting President

As a Church, we were blessed to have partnered with 3ABN during the first two weeks of September.  Evangelistic campaigns were conducted in 9 different venues throughout London, which resulted in 87 baptisms.

As we look towards 2017, we do so with great optimism.  We have learned from our September campaign that before we embark on a reaping programme, there must be intentional groundwork.  We have decided to use 2017 for this purpose.  Recognising that every member is a minister, we are encouraging all to participate in this work of seed sowing and nurture.

Our plan is simple: During the first quarter, we are encouraging each Church to prayerfully consider two or three areas of ministry that they wish to participate in.  We suggest going to the local council and finding out what the challenges are in the respective community.

The Church can then take two or three of those challenges and make that their ministry focus.  It may be that there are other groups within that community that might be addressing those needs.  We suggest the Church joins such groups where possible with the intention of ministering to those needs.

During the second quarter, the Church can begin praying and organizing themselves to engage in two or three of those ministries.  The Conference will contribute finance or material resources to assist the local Church in their ministry where possible.

In the third quarter, the Church should be engaged in ministry and impacting the community.  It is hoped that relationships would have been formed and trust developed between the community members and the local Church.  Bible studies may have begun as the Church becomes relevant and meets the felt needs of the community.

Because friendships may have developed by the fourth quarter, the local church can invite the community into the Church for special days, such as Visitors Day, Youth Day, fellowship lunch, etc.

It is hoped that many in the community would have been impacted by our friendship and ministry and would want to join our ministry.  They will work alongside us as we continue engaging and ministering to the needs of the community.  It is vital to point out that our task is not complete at baptism.  We are to make disciples.  This means those who join us will be encouraged to work alongside us, and they, in turn, will make other disciples.

One might think that a whole year in preparation is too long.  However, we have learned that evangelism is a cycle consisting of seed sowing, nurture and harvest.

It is our intention to hold reaping campaigns or some kind of outreach programmes in the spring of 2018 throughout the Conference.  Each local Church can decide what form this will take.  However, we would like the local pastors taking the lead in this rather than bringing an overseas preacher.  Pastors can even exchange pulpits during this time.  It is our hope that as we engage in evangelism, the Lord will bless our efforts.