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SEC Media

2016 has been a very busy year for SECmedia.

Along with our annual events, such as Camp Meeting and Global Youth Day, we have been consistently reporting on Departmental as well as local church events and shared these reports on our various social media avenues.  This is a new approach in addition to our standard written articles and we have received excellent feedback from our members.

Our Facebook page has increased the engagement with its visitors and is becoming a primary platform for communication.

We want our church members to be informed of what is happening in their Conference, so we have started a weekly news update.  In 60sec News we manage to share highlights of the previous week.  Many Churches have started to play these before divine services and we receive numerous views and shares on Facebook.

A significant amount of resources and time was dedicated to the preparation and execution of the HealthFest and the OneLife campaign.

Two new websites have been created to engage with the public and new connections have been made through posts on social media daily, specifically designed for the HealthFest.

We used one of the new websites,, as a central hub for watching the multi-church campaign, pulling 11 live streams from the Churches involved onto the webpage.  This generated more than 40,000 unique visitors to stream services online.

The data collected during the HealthFest and OneLife campaign suggests that online evangelism has a tremendous potential which we are yet to explore.  It is indisputable that the online engagement during this campaign exceeded the physical attendance numbers.  This shows us that lives can be reached through media.

With this, our dream in 2017 is for SECmedia to have a studio and a 24/7 online channel.  We need your prayers and support.

Vili Costescu