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Teens Ministries

This year the SEC Teens Department started off with the April Prayer and Faith Conference (PFC).  We had almost 300 teens attend for the weekend which was filled with the spirit of prayer and praise.  The weekend resulted in over 30 young people making a request for baptism and over 40 requests for Bible studies.  Once again we have been blessed and God has shown us that PFC is a life changing experience for our teens and staff members.

This year was the first official all England Student Camp, with students joining us from the NEC and some travelling all the way from Scotland.  Combined, we had a group of over 100 people.  The vision for this camp is for the Students to have a comfortable space to encourage each other through their university years.  A mix of spiritual and social brought many good results and we are hoping to continue like this into the future.

Camp Meeting was a splendid time for the teens.  We had an intimate space which enabled us to socialise more and get to know the teens well.

The services were interactive and engaging.  Our speakers were Sam Gungaloo and Asher McKenzie.

The 2016 Extreme Teens Camp this year was a fun and full week with many activities and daily worship.  The Teens enjoyed the socials, but it would not be camp without bonfire night when teens share their testimonies.  In the midst of all the fun seven young people decided to give their lives to God and be baptised.  It is beautiful to see that this camp which has been running for so long is still effective in helping our young people make their decisions for Christ.

This year’s Summer Teens Concert took place at Newbold College Church; we had lots of performers who shared their various talents.  We want to encourage our teens to be creative and use their talents for Gods work that is why we had many original pieces.  All were enjoyed by the 400 plus people who attended.  This concert also gave us the first ever viral video on our Facebook page, Danielle Bernard’s original piece was viewed over 30,000 times.

Over 200 people attended the Prayer and Faith Conference in October.  This PFC was a safe and Spirit filled place where teens felt free to open up and talk about their struggles.  Pastor Patrick led them in prayer groups and encouraged them to pray for and lift each other up.  There were also workshops dedicated to teaching the teens about how to deal with other religions, such as Islam; how to resolve conflict in constructive ways and how to be successful.

Over the weekend we had 34 baptism requests and over 50 requests for Bible study.

We had our first SEC Teens Football Tournament in October this year.  It was organised by the teens, supported by the Newbold Youth Team and hosted by Newbold College.  We had five teams competing against each other and we hope to grow and continue this event over the coming years.

The Teens Department is continuing to have a strong social media presence; we now have 3,000 people supporting our Facebook page.  This is where you can always find information about our upcoming events, fresh news and devotions.  Our record reach this year was over 25,000 in the week after the Summer Teens Concert.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us this year, this work is not about us, but about each individual who has dedicated their time and effort to this amazing and important ministry.  A special thank you goes to Nana Bonnie who leads out in our Prayer and Faith Conferences, as well as George Osei –Bonsu who was our Extreme Teens Camp Master along with Keeley Davis.  Another thank you goes to Lydia Hamblin who has supported the Teen’s Department through all our events.  We solicit your prayers and help for the future years as we continue to provide these live changing opportunities for our young people.

Please join us for our 2017 events, which you sign up for on our website: http://www.secteens.org/, Find information about these on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SEC-Teens-Ministries-193665147368737/

Or contact Pastor Dejan Stojkovic on 07919 172176