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Youth Ministries

The SEC Youth Ministries have had an increasing concern about the crisis on our streets and society within our territory here within the South of England.

We are being very deliberate in understanding the culture of the streets and the challenges presented within society, taking stock of where, on many levels, our government is failing, but more importantly coming to terms with the real needs of our youth, their environment and the challenges they face.

I am pleased to share that we are working alongside two major community organisations in the fight against crime and youth growth.  Both organisations work directly in our communities, prisons and detention centres alongside the local councils and the police as they endeavour to continue to win the trust of our youth from the realities of negative choices.

We here at the SEC Youth Ministries for 2017 aim to create alternative options for our youth, where we can train, mentor and offer a safe place for growth.

We have trained youth workers across the South of England who will be putting on sporting and social events where young people can be free to grow and network within a safe environment.  Voluntary Service trips abroad to countries such as Nepal, Thailand and Israel and services here in the UK to help youth broaden their horizon and helping to assist in their overall development.

We also aim to offer professional and expert training on entrepreneurship, finances, relationships, personal development, holistic health, careers and sexuality.

I am excited about the youth work that is about to commence.  We believe that despite the negative news and trends in relation to our youth we serve a God who is still able and more than capable of turning this around for His glory.