October 2020

As we celebrate 25 years of Women’s Ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, let us remember that we all have a responsibility to support each other’s ministry until the coming of the Lord.


August 2020

Social justice is older than creation. It is rooted in God’s eternal law of love. Those who open themselves to God’s love will want a society free of oppression, exploitation, poverty, violence, and lopsided distribution of wealth.


July 2020

It’s always important to take care of our health, not just during this time, but it is during times like these that we realise what is important and what sustains good health.


April 2020

This year, at The World Economic Forum meeting in the Swiss Resort of Davos, part of the agenda was to discuss how industries must transform to become more sustainable and to address climate change and environmental issues.


January 2020

Discipleship is the hallmark of all followers of Christ, but, unfortunately, the reality does not always support that supposition. We can very quickly become good at appreciating the study of the Bible but poor at transitioning that knowledge we have gained into active disciple-making lifestyles.


October 2019

One of the key statements expected by delegates and constituents on the last day of session is the speech by the newly elected President. It is significant because the President’s speech sets out the theme and direction for the mission of the church.