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What makes a good leader?

Judy Clements, OBE

One fundamental question that must be examined in this discourse about leadership is: What makes a good leader? Particularly in our current times, what should we expect from them, and how should we measure a leader’s authenticity?

Dr. Dan Șerb

June 2, 2022

Effective leadership anticipates trends rather than just responding to them; it peers into the future, foresees the big picture, and creates an environment for work (or ministry) that welcomes innovation.

Cathy Boldeau

June 2, 2022

When I’m composing, I will pray about it because I believe the inspiration comes from God. I then spend time with Him to be in a particular mindset. I also spend time in reflection to write and be inspired to be able to handle a specific topic.

Nathan Stickland

June 2, 2022

Appealing to Almighty God for Him to save the Queen or offer unconditional obedience to a leader in an oath may seem commendable, but what happens when that leader fails to display godlike values and intentions? It’s like using God as a genie and asking Him to bless what you want to do rather than seek what He wants you to do.

Lorraine McDonald

June 2, 2022

Education is an important aspect of human life. How we receive and translate it in our daily way of life is largely dependent on the way it gets passed on. What works best for one institution and how it needs to be, is based on careful strategic planning and consideration of its vision.

Dr. Stephen Currow

June 2, 2022

Although it is not realistic to compare the leadership of any person, including the Queen, with the leadership of the omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent God, God’s influence within our lives should impact how we, as individuals, influence other people – just as the Queen’s influential leadership has inspired so many.

Dr. Beatrice Kastrati

June 2, 2022

Being a leader is often considered the ultimate goal. Some executive and managerial positions are usually associated with a sizable pay cheque and a life of comfort. However, a leader anointed by God and called to a life of purpose, unequivocally obeys their conscience, guided by the Holy Spirit.


Sorin Petrof, PhD

What we celebrate here is not a traditional establishment or an anachronistic structure for some. We observe the powerful example of a woman, a wife, a mother, a servant, a leader who has dedicated her entire life to this goal: to be the people’s servant.


Dr. Emmanuel Osei

The servant-leader focuses on inspiring and enabling people to achieve their full potential in pursuit of a shared and common purpose. It is not about status and control for the servant leader but about enabling and empowering other people, growing them to be servant leaders.


Michael Mbui, PhD

Empowering others is something Christ teaches and models for us. Connecting with Him and receiving His power (Acts 1:8) led the disciples to shake their world and model His generosity, showing us that the greatest of leaders empowers others.



Vision, Focus, Integrity

Effective leadership anticipates trends rather than just responding to them; it peers into the future, foresees the big picture,...

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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
William Arthur Ward