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Catherine Boldeau

Nothing Between

God's Love Doesn't Allow Spaces In Between. It's Tight, Secure, And Embracing. When You Feel That Kind Of Love, You Know You Have Arrived In A Place Of Peace, Restoration, And Contentment.

‘I am convinced that…absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love’ (Romans 8:38,39 – The Message)

A two-pence coin in my piano is put there by a little one. It prevents me from using the C# an octave above the middle C. I didn’t realise that there was enough space between the semitones to allow the coin to make such an impact.

For several years, I have tried to remove the two-pence coin as it hinders the flow of my piano practice. My failure has resulted in a complete lack of enjoyment in playing the instrument I love. All because the space is jammed.

I love space. It allows you to breathe, breathe, roam free, and run wild. The closeness of intimacy, safety and harmony is no match for vastness. There is no substitute for the majesty of the pine forest. Or the grandeur of a diamond-encrusted sky.

The open savannah filled with giraffes, elands, caracals, jackals, leopards and cheetahs overflows with the wonders of a creative God who believes in wide open spaces. Closer to home, The 11,000 hectares of Eryri’s National Park, home to 9 mountain ranges and 74 miles of coastline, boasts landscapes of breath-taking beauty—immaculate wide-open spaces.

God’s love doesn’t allow spaces in between. It’s tight, secure, and embracing. When you feel that kind of love, you know you have arrived in a place of peace, restoration, and contentment.

There is nothing, ‘absolutely nothing’ that can separate us, that can come between God’s love for us. Wow! Good or bad, life or death, happiness or sadness, health or sickness, nothing, ‘absolutely nothing’.

Father, I awake with the cackling of a solitary bird. I feel your love for me. I’m awake and breathing normally. I can use all my senses. You provide food, work, transport, family, friends, and good health. I am so blessed by your extravagant love for me that nothing, ‘absolutely nothing,’ can ever change.  


Catherine Anthony Boldeau is the Managing Editor of the SEC Communicator Magazine